Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet Seemingly React to Emotes

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player discovers that some wild Pokemon throughout the world will react to players using emotes.

Some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have noticed that many wild Pokemon throughout the Paldea region will react with curiosity when they see players using emotes. Player emotes are just one of the many new features seen in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, allowing players to express themselves to an extent that complements the co-op experience in the Generation 9 titles.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet prove that Game Freak is looking to lead the Pokemon game series down new paths when it comes to gameplay, this time crafting a game that allows fans to embark on a journey in an open-world environment while also being provided the opportunity to play cooperatively with friends in a way that hasn’t been seen in previous titles. The new games are an evolution of many features first seen in the massively-popular Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which launched at the beginning of the year. Pokemon Legends: Arceus was the first mainline Pokemon game that freely allowed players to wander around an open world and engage in battles in the overworld.


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Being able to interact with Pokemon in the world is a feature that players have long since wanted to see expanded on, and it turns out that players can somewhat communicate with some of the wild critters by using emotes. A clip shared on Reddit by the user known as TasteLikeCherryCola provides a cute example of this, demonstrating that using an emote bound to the D-pad while facing a wild Pokemon can cause them to react in kind. Some fans insist that Pokemon can also respond to player characters’ idle animations, which occur automatically after a while if the player doesn’t touch any of the controls. With so many different Pokemon out in the wilds, some players might enjoy playing around with wild Pokemon just to see how they react.

Of course, as much as fans are enjoying the games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are certainly not without their flaws. Many of the new game design choices are held back by a long list of bugs and performance problems, which quickly became a focus of criticism from many players when the games first launched. Though most of the games’ glitches are annoying at most, oftentimes being outright hilarious, the poorly-optimized aspects of the game paired with the inconsistent frame rate take much away from the immersion of the otherwise pretty world.

Many players have gone as far as demanding refunds for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet due to the poor technical quality, though many others have been able to see past the games’ shortcomings and enjoy their adventures more than they had expected. The Pokemon Company hasn’t responded to player outrage, despite complaints being widespread across social media since the games launched.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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