Amouranth Livestreams Date With ‘Gigachad’

Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth broadcasts her first date since the viral fight with her husband with a man that she dubs ‘Gigachad.’

Popular Twitch livestreamer Kaitlyn « Amouranth » Siragusa has gone on a date with who she dubs « Gigachad » during a stream in which the two go to dinner and a climbing gym. Last month Amouranth had an intense Twitch stream that exposed some problems with her husband, and the two have apparently separated based on her very public date with a fresh face.

Amouranth held a Twitch broadcast on November 20 which she titled « first date IRL with a Gigachad » that showed the popular livestreamer getting to know a gentleman simply named Aaron. During the October Twitch stream that revealed some alleged behind-the-scenes domestic abuse, Amouranth and her husband had a massive fight in which her safety and the lives of her dogs were threatened. Although it’s currently unclear if Amouranth has divorced her husband since the Twitch stream that went viral, she may be moving on based on the IRL livestream she recently shared.


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While she’s regularly streaming in the Just Chatting Twitch category to talk to her community, Amouranth and Aaron started their IRL Twitch broadcast at a climbing gym where they were quickly instructed on the safety policy before being put into harnesses. After climbing a couple of the walls at the climbing gym, Amouranth and Aaron spent some time learning more about each other in the facility while browsing merchandise and responding to chat, with Aaron learning more about Twitch in the process. Opening up during the Twitch stream, Aaron the Gigachad revealed that he was a bodybuilder before becoming a personal trainer, and he has taken up travel and partying in his free time.

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Though the Twitch livestream started with Amouranth pulling most of the weight with chat, Aaron started to speak more candidly as the two spent more time together. The stream concluded after Amouranth and Aaron left a Sushi restaurant where the two talked about her content creation, movies, tattoos, and games which became a heated topic with chat after Aaron admitted to not being much of a gamer. Although it’s currently unclear if Amouranth and Aaron will livestream another date in the future, the popular Twitch streamer and her assistant both made references to more to come which may result in more IRL content.

While many Amouranth fans expressed their enthusiasm for the popular Twitch streamer dating once again after the fallout with her husband, others speculated on how far the relationship will go. Because one of the issues that Amouranth had with her content before a recent Twitch break was a lack of IRL streams like the one with Aaron, tons of viewers simply noted improvements made to the livestream with the variety.

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Source: Twitch (via Dexerto)

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