New World of Warcraft Toy Lets Players Change the Weather

The Environmental Emulator, a new engineering toy available in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, allows players to alter the skybox of an entire area.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is introducing a new toy that lets players alter the skybox of an entire zone. The new toy can be created by players with the engineering profession in World of Warcraft once Dragonflight launches.

The new engineering toy is called the Environmental Emulator. When used, the toy allows players to change the skybox in their current area into that of a different zone. The felstorm sky of Shadowmoon Valley, the twisting violet clouds of the Netherstorm, and the stormy skies of Icecrown are just some of the options shown by World of Warcraft so far.


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The Environmental Emulator lasts for two hours when placed, and has a two-hour cooldown, meaning players can theoretically have it active constantly. The toy’s effects are only visible to the World of Warcraft player who used it and members of their party or raid. Considering the effects of the toy, it can only be used while outdoors, as it would have little effect inside. Though it is made by players with the engineering profession in World of Warcraft, the toy itself is usable by characters without it.

World of Warcraft’s new toy is not the first to allow players to change their skyboxes to other things. The Haunting Memento allows players to haunt targets, causing spiraling violet energy to overtake the sky, while the Inky Black Potion and the Shadescale causes the sky to turn into a beautiful night sky when used. The Environmental Emulator joins these items as a must-have collectible for World of Warcraft role players, screenshot enthusiasts, or players who simply want a change of scenery.

Players are excited to get their hands on an Environmental Emulator of their own. Some who were otherwise uninterested in engineering as a profession in World of Warcraft are even considering taking it up just to get this awesome collectible. Many fans discussed some of their favorite skyboxes in World of Warcraft history–especially Warlords of Draenor’s Shadowmoon Valley–and hope the Environmental Emulator will be expanded to include even more options in the future.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is about to begin phase two of its pre-expansion content. The November 15 patch will add the dracthyr Evoker race class combo to the game. Players can also delve into the first new Dragonflight dungeon, Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr, and participate in the limited-time Primal Storms world event to earn unique rewards. With Dragonflight’s full release two weeks later, players won’t have to wait long to collect their own Environmental Emulator so they can explore the majestic Dragon Isles under whatever skies they choose.

World of Warcraft is available on PC. Dragonflight launches November 28.

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