Elden Ring Fan Shares Image Comparing the Sizes of All Dragons in the Game

An image shows how the dragons in Elden Ring scale relative to each other, showcasing just how big one particular dragon is compared to the rest.

An Elden Ring fan shares an image comparing the sizes of all dragons in the game. The relative scale of each dragon in Elden Ring compared to each other shows what players can expect when fighting the beasts.

The season finale of House of the Dragon showed a huge dragon in the distance in comparison to another much smaller one, creating a striking visual that displays just how big these creatures can get. Because of the inclusion of the large-winged creatures, fans of Game of Thrones may enjoy Elden Ring seeing as how there are also many dragons that players will have to stand up against in its unforgiving world. The dragons of Elden Ring also differ in scale, much like in House of the Dragon, which is showcased in an image that includes all the dragons and wyverns in the game. However, despite the largest dragon featured in the image that towered above the rest, it is not the biggest one that FromSoftware has produced.


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SirWeenieLick posted a photo to Reddit that compares wyverns and dragons in FromSoftware’s Elden Ring. Wyverns differ from dragons, as they only have two legs and the latter only have four. The user expresses that Ekzykes, on the far right next to Adula, is an exceptionally large Wyvern, and that it is potentially bigger than the ancient dragons. However, this image does not label the size or names of both the dragons and wyverns. Greyoll is the largest dragon in the image, but it still pales in comparison to Gransax, whose size is unknown but is reported to be as big as an entire city. The corpse of Gransax is the biggest dragon ever in FromSoftware lore, which was noted in comparing Elden Ring dragons to other FromSoftware games‘.

The dragons in Elden Ring are both interesting and complex, as each one adds something unique to the lore of Elden Ring’s story and history. Seeing as how George R. R. Martin had a hand in Elden Ring’s development, it would be intriguing to see how the biggest dragons in the Game of Thrones series compare to the biggest dragons in FromSoftware’s games, whether it is from Elden Ring or the Souls games’.

Elden Ring is a game like many FromSoftware IPs before it that tells a story through the smaller more subtle details, which sends its players on a journey to discover its secrets. The bosses in Elden Ring, such as its many dragons, are more than just obstacles that must be overcome, as they are rich in history connecting various elements of Elden Ring and can be pieced together like a puzzle.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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