Pokemon Fans Carve Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns for All 156 Gen 5 Pokemon

Creative Pokemon fans celebrate Halloween by sharing a video of jack-o-lanterns they carved representing all 156 Generation 5 Pokemon.

Creative Pokémon fans decided to celebrate Halloween by carving every Generation 5 Pokémon into a jack-o-lantern. Generation 5 is made up of 156 Pokémon meaning that these fans hand-carved 156 different pumpkins to achieve this impressive feat. While Pokémon fans have always found ingenious ways to celebrate their fandom, the sheer scope of capturing all 156 Generation 5 Pokémon in jack-o-lanterns makes this one of the more impressive fan displays.


Generation 5 of Pokémon is made up of the species appearing in Pokémon Black and White along with the follow-ups Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. Unlike the prior generations, Gen 5 is made up of entirely original Pokémon with no evolutions or baby forms of Pokémon from the previous generations. Gen 5 hailed from the Unova region which, as recently pointed out by a fan, is famous for the best bridges in Pokémon.

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The team responsible for carving all 156 Pokémon shared an elaborate video, posted to Reddit by user Powwowowow, highlighting the entire process behind the creative endeavor, from stenciling to measuring each design and finally carving the jack-o-lanterns. Those responsible for 156 separate jack-o-lanterns reported severe hand cramps as one drawback encountered during this process. Purchasing 156 pumpkins, plus a few extra to allow for mistakes, is another drawback, but the scale of the end result made all the hand pain and expense worth it for the final display celebrating all of Gen 5. Prior fan projects, such as 3D printing classic Game Boy cartridge cases to hold Switch games are impressive as well, which just goes to show how there’s a wide variety of ways to display love for the classic franchise.

Watching the video brings appreciation for the difficulty in capturing the stranger Pokémon from this generation, including the gear-like Klingklang and the melting ice cream cone Vanilluxe. Despite the overwhelming popularity of the original 151 Pokemon in Gen 1, a large section of Pokemon fans have embraced the original lineup of Gen 5. Gen 5 Pokemon Zorua, for example, has its own Pokemon GO event running which incorporates the shape-shifting mechanic from Pokemon Black and White.

The upcoming Pokemon Violet and Scarlet will introduce the 9th Generation to the ever-expanding Pokedex. With over 800 different Pokemon available, it can be easy for fans to forget some earlier generations, especially as they lack the additional gameplay traversal mechanics and special forms such as Gigantamax and Dynamax. Amazing creative displays like this one for Gen 5 may be what keeps introducing new fans to previous generations of Pokemon.

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