Pokemon Fan Builds Magnezone Figure That Can Levitate

An innovative and talented Pokemon fan creates a realistic-looking figure of Magnezone that really levitates, impressing other fans online.

An incredibly innovative and creative Pokemon fan has made a realistic Magnezone figure that levitates. Impressive Pokemon fan art has been making the rounds online a lot in the past month, primarily because of Halloween and because talent is abundant in the Pokemon community. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet weeks away from release, gamers seem to be keeping themselves occupied until they can dive into the newest entry.

Regarding Magnezone, it’s not a Pokemon gamers typically see getting a lot of attention. Magnezone is the final form of Magnemite and first debuted in the Pokemon Anime during the film Giratina and the Sky Warrior. This particular Pokemon has a unique design, and many fans think it resembles a UFO. Ironically Magnezone does not have the ability known as Levitate, so it can’t hover in the air. It can, however, learn the move « Magnet Rise » which simulates Levitate for five turns during battle. This Pokemon can still be affected by Ground-type moves from Pokemon like Cubone despite being an Electric and Steel-type Pokemon. Recently another artist created the Pokemon Cubone’s skull utilizing a 3D printer. The skull was designed and painted by a talented couple who shared their creation online.


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Reddit user and YouTuber BigRig_Pikachu shared a video showing off their impressive Magnezone figure that not only looks pretty but levitates as well with the aid of well-placed magnets. During the demonstration, the creator shows off the magnet hands of Magnezone detaching from its body, which it does in the games. Other Reddit users were so impressed by the figure they asked if they, too, could purchase their own copy. The enthusiastic response to this recent fan-made design was similar to a Litwick Halloween candle that was also shared this week.

The post has already gained over 13k likes in just a single day. BigRig_Pikachu also shared a YouTube video detailing the process of how exactly this Magnezone figure was created, including showing off the specific magnetic levitation platform used to bring Magnezone to life. Even though Magnezone rarely gets fan attention in its pre-evolved form, Magnemite was turned into a spaceship by another talented gamer inspired by the reveal of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Gym Leader Iono.

If previous Pokemon games can inspire such creativity, fans only have to wait until the latest generation is realized and will undoubtedly inspire even more unique fan art. The debut of a new Ghost Pokemon named Greavard made gamers want to hug it despite being dangerous. Fans of Pokemon have proven recently they are not just creative but innovative as well. It will be exciting to see what else comes out of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s release.

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