Silent Hill 2 Translator Wants Credit for His Work in Original Game Being in the Remake

The translator for the original Silent Hill 2 is asking for credit in Bloober Team’s remake of the iconic horror game. The announcement of several new Silent Hill games was warmly embraced across the video game industry as fans welcomed back a franchise long dormant. But not everyone was as excited to see Silent Hill 2 being remade as others. A franchise more than two decades old brings with it a lot of responsibility, especially one being taken over by people who’ve never worked on Silent Hill before.


What’s important to remember is that Silent Hill 2 was released in 2001, with development starting in 1999. Game development has changed dramatically in the years since, but some areas of specific growth include localization, translation, and voice work. If only 50 people worked on the development of Silent Hill 2 as part of Konami’s Team Silent in Japan, it can be assumed that the western localization team was tiny in comparison.

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In a post made on Twitter, Jeremy Blaustein explains that he was the translator for the original Silent Hill 2. As in, Blaustein was the only translator for Silent Hill 2. He translated « every single word » of the original game, as well as directing the game’s voiceover from auditions to recording. He mentions this because he’d like to be credited in the remake for his work, which will be at the very least based on Blaustein’s Silent Hill 2 script.

Blaustein says that he neither expects nor is seeking any financial compensation for this work on the original Silent Hill 2. He just strongly feels that giving credit for his work « is the right thing to do. » Though it’s also clear that Blaustein is requesting credit in part because he feels like Konami has failed to do so over time, even referencing a controversy surrounding the 2012 Silent Hill HD Collection.

Since Blaustein isn’t asking for compensation, his request is more than fair. If anything, the full development team of the original Silent Hill 2 deserves to be credited in the Silent Hill 2 remake. It’s a derivative work, after all, and if Bloober Team is using Blaustein’s translation script then maybe he deserves compensation too.

This is unfortunately a subject that is unlikely to be discussed publicly by Konami. Like with the ongoing Bayonetta controversy, companies will choose to say little or nothing rather than risk further public criticism or potential legal retaliation. Perhaps Blaustein will update people if Konami contacts him, or perhaps he’ll be waiting with the rest of Silent Hill fans to see who is credited in the release of Silent Hill 2‘s remake.

The Silent Hill 2 Remake is in development for PC and PS5.

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Source: GamesRadar

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