Pokemon Fan Shows Off 23 Year Old Pokemon Red Save File

A longtime Pokemon gamer shares their decades-old save file from Pokemon Red on the original Gameboy, inspiring nostalgia trips online.

A Pokemon gamer has shared their childhood Pokemon Red save file online that’s still in pristine condition. At the same time, it may have been decades since Pokemon fans first picked up a Game Boy and trained their first Pokemon. The love for this iconic franchise has not wavered, and with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mere weeks away, some fans are looking to the past for some good old-fashioned nostalgia.

Pokemon Red and Blue first made their debut in 1998. They were the first Pokemon games ever to be released outside of Japan into the North American markets. It only took these games a year to make Pokemon a household Nintendo franchise with a fanbase that would continue for decades. Sadly, Pokemon Red and Blue were released near the end of the Game Boy’s life, but that didn’t stop players from jumping in. From the iconic game sprites to its music, fans have a lot they love about the games.


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On the popular Reddit Gaming thread, one fan shared an image of their 23-year-old save file from Pokemon Red. Pokemon fan 0Frokachu shared that they have had this save since they were seven, with no resets. They also stated that the game still works all these years later. The image shared depicts the popular Pokemon Charizard at level 100, who also graces the cover of Pokemon Red. Charizard has been making the news lately, and one talented fan made a statue of the iconic dragon Pokemon.

Ironically they also explained that all Pokemon they have are in boxes also at level 100 and that their Charizard was named « Charizardx » way before Charizard’s X form was even a reality. They also stated that this Pokemon was transferred at one point to Pokemon Crystal and back. The gamer also shared that their Crystal save file is fried, which many other games can relate to. This, unfortunately, became the norm regarding the original Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal cartridges. Fans are still waiting for Pokemon Gold and Silver to come to the Nintendo Switch.

Another image shared on the Reddit thread by the gamer shows their save screen. Their trainer’s name was « Randy, » and they had obtained all 151 Pokemon available, and their total play time was 126:05; indeed a dedicated player. Other gamers remarked how the older Pokemon games were more fun to play than today’s Pokemon games. Perhaps, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s new trainer battle changes will change fans’ minds. Either way, it’s refreshing to look back to the past of the Pokemon franchise and see how no matter how old a title gets, it will always have a place in Pokemon history.

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