Konami Announces Brand-New Silent Hill Game, Silent Hill F

Konami concluded its Silent Hill Transmission event with the reveal of a brand-new Silent Hill game, Silent Hill F. Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission included the official announcements for projects long-rumored to be in development, including the PS5 exclusive Silent Hill 2 remake and the brand-new Silent Hill game, Silent Hill F.

Silent Hill F was revealed with a teaser trailer that gave fans a general idea of the vibe the game is going for. It shows a woman running through a hall, tormented by plant-like tendrils coming out of the walls. Notably the game is set in 1960s Japan, which stands in stark contrast with previous games in the Silent Hill series, most of which have been set in the United States. Judging by the trailer, it also looks like body horror is going to play a role in the game, though fans still have a lot left to learn about the project and exactly what it will entail.


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We do know that Silent Hill F is being developed by NeoBards Entertainment, the same studio behind Resident Evil Re:Verse, and that the story is being written by Japanese writer Ryukishi07. The trailer was merely a cinematic, though, and so it’s hard to make any determinations about the gameplay at the time of this writing.

The fact that the Resident Evil Re:Verse studio is working on Silent Hill F may be concerning to some fans of the franchise. As Resident Evil fans will recall, the Resident Evil Re:Verse multiplayer experience was originally meant to launch alongside Resident Evil Village last year. Re:Verse is now expected to drop on October 28 alongside the game’s Winters’ Expansion, but that remains to be seen.

Some may be concerned about Konami outsourcing development of these new Silent Hill game projects regardless of who is involved. All the new Silent Hill projects that were announced during the Silent Hill Transmission event are being handled by other studios. For example, the Silent Hill 2 remake is being made by Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team, while the newly-announced Silent Hill: Townfall is being made by No Code.

However, fans shouldn’t be too quick to judge. At the time of this writing, there is nothing known about Silent Hill F besides its title and who is making it, so it may be best to reserve judgment until actual gameplay is shown. For now, the game does appear to live up to Silent Hill‘s creepy vibe and seems to be taking the series in some interesting new directions, but fans will need to wait to find out more.

Silent Hill F is in development.

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