Pokemon Fan is Making 108 Spiritomb-Themed Ceramic Mugs

A Pokemon fan celebrates an official Pokedex entry and makes 108 Spiritomb-themed ceramic mugs, which include a Shiny variant and others.

A dedicated Pokemon fan has begun the drastic undertaking of making 108 Spiritomb-themed ceramic mugs that mostly look identical to each other. Although the overall likeness of Spiritomb can’t be captured in a small cup due to its expansive and erratically moving form, this Pokemon fan has found a nice middle ground to celebrate the Gen 4 Ghost-type Pokemon.

Reddit user ChebyshevCat recently shared an image of a small portion of their 108 Spiritomb-themed ceramic mugs that feature a chibi version of the Pokemon’s face on part of the white surfaces. Unlike these white mugs, Spiritomb appears in various Pokemon titles as purple and green, while the Shiny version of the Pokemon swaps the purple for blue and green for pink. There are five Spiritomb-themed designs hidden in ChebyshevCat’s photos of their creations which ensures that not all of them will look alike as some have been painted to look older than the white models initially shown off.


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When ChebyshevCat created the mold for their Spiritomb ceramic mug, they decided that it turned out so well that they had to make all 108 versions of it, some with their own unique alterations or flaws. ChebyshevCat has shared their Spiritomb mug journey on their Instagram, which highlights the process of creating the mug itself, as well as the decoration portion of the craft. The Pokemon fan is creating 108 of these ceramic mugs in reference to Spiritomb’s Pokedex entry, which states that the Pokemon is formed by uniting that exact number of spirits to become the Ghost-type Pokemon.

According to ChebyshevCat, they have gone through ten different glazes in trying to perfect the appropriate regular and Shiny Spiritomb colors and textures, which hints at how much time has been spent on the mugs before all 108 have been crafted. Not content to celebrate the completion of the 108 Spiritomb cups, ChebyshevCat states that it isn’t over until they make it through a kiln for the second time, and they cleverly refer to the Pokemon’s resilience to fire attacks. Though a few Pokemon fans responding to ChebyshevCat’s ceramic mugs think that these cups could easily double as plant pots, ChebyshevCat stated that they’re missing the necessary base holes to make them function for plants.

Many Pokemon fans have expressed enthusiasm for ChebyshevCat’s Spiritomb-themed idea, while others have applauded the impressive lore-accurate project. With Spiritomb being popular among a portion of the Pokemon community, multiple fans are waiting for ChebyshevCat’s ceramic mugs to drop on their Etsy store in October, just in time for Halloween, like the Trick or Trade Booster bundle.

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Source: Instagram

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