EA Working on Automated Coaching System for Online Players

EA has recently filed a patent that relates to a system for in-game automated coaching, an innovation that could be used to help players improve in competitive titles. EA boasts an impressive roster of games, many of which favor a multiplayer, skill-based approach to gameplay. For this reason, the gaming giant is currently developing technology that will be used to suggest new techniques to players, particularly those that are struggling in-game.

Indeed, many of the best EA games are multiplayer titles, from Battlefield to Titanfall to Mass Effect. EA also dominates the industry when it comes to sporting games, but the patent that was filed mentions guns, grenades, and other weapons multiple times. It’s safe to assume, then, that the company plans on integrating the technology into the more competitive games in their portfolio, like Battlefield.


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The automated coaching that EA is developing works in a relatively straightforward way. First, the program will identify player errors in multiplayer titles like Battlefield 2042. Then, it will identify gameplay elements that might be contributing to the problems. The system will then, through a complex process of semi-random computing, predict ways that players can improve and suggest them in-game. If successful, this automated coaching would be incredibly helpful for new gamers who might struggle with competitive titles.

Much of this in-game wizardry will be dependent on the system’s ability to generate performance models that will identify where players are having issues. Specific data will be collected from gamers, including ADS time, time spent walking, damage dealt, and more. The system will then analyze possible solutions and will only make suggestions that are likely to lead to an improvement. It is currently unclear where EA plans to implement this technology, but fans might see it come to titles like Apex Legends, Battlefield, and future competitive multiplayer projects.

The automated coaching technology could certainly be used in single-player games as well, like the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but addressing those titles doesn’t seem to be a priority. Indeed, mechanics and reaction times often don’t matter as much in games where fans can progress at their own pace. Players, then, should not expect to see automated coaching come to story-driven games before it reaches multiplayer titles. However, there isn’t a lot of information about this new technology. Players will likely have to wait until EA is ready to unveil more info about this automated coaching.

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